Why is protein important for our body? There have been several debates and discussions that have happened centering on ‘why do we need protein?’ These debates have brought to light the requirement of protein and their supplements for keeping our body healthy and functioning.

The discipline of chemistry has identified protein as a polymer of Amino Acids which makes the basic building block of the human body. It helps in keeping the internal mechanism functioning and helps to provide ample energy. These amino acids have been classified into various groups according to their source of production and requirement. These are:

  • Essential – These cannot be prepared by the body itself and are needed to be supplied through the food
  • Non-essential – These are amino acids which the which a human body is capable of manufacturing on its own & is not needed to be taken from other sources
  • Conditional – conditional amino acids are needed at the time of illness and stress to help recover and fight back the disease.

For normal functioning, a human body needs 20 amino acids but unfortunately, our body is capable of producing only 11, and the other 9 have to be taken from other sources.

In this article, we have broken down the importance of protein for our body and how it can be replenished when required.

Why is protein important for your body?

Several reasons explain the importance of protein for our body. Since it makes the basic block of your existence, it can’t be neglected. Moreover, protein is often understood as a need only if you are hitting the gym and building muscle but actually, your body needs an everyday dose of protein irrespective of whether you have been working out or leading a sedentary lifestyle. Consuming protein as your everyday staple can work wonders for you.

Here are some benefits of protein listed below:

  • For a good build – If you want to have a good physique, protein is a must. While It helps in the growth and maintenance of muscle mass, it also makes sure that you feel satiated and do not have the urge to eat carbonated products
  • Good Metabolism – When protein is broken down in the body, it elevates muscle mass which in turn fuels metabolism.
  • For good vision – Protein also plays an important part in regulating and enhancing your vision. A person who takes a good amount of protein is likely to have good eyesight, stronger bones, good hair growth, blood pressure control, better immunity and many more benefits as compared to someone who has a protein deficiency.

The above list explains the benefits of protein in our body. The deficiency of protein can cause various diseases such as malnutrition and marasmus which can be life-threatening in most cases, while very low protein intake can lead to thin and brittle hair causing skin diseases, and can also cause hormonal imbalance in many cases.

How much protein is needed by a human for the proper functioning of a normal body?
Major health monitoring agencies throughout the world recommend that an adult must consume 50 grams of protein per day as a part of his 2000 calorie diet. He may consume higher or lower depending on the value of calories he intakes. An average male adult of age 19 plus requires 15 grams of protein every day while a female adult of 19+ requires 46 grams of protein every day. The dietary guidelines for Americans say that approximately 10 to 35% of the calories consumed by an adult daily should come from protein while for children the rate is 10 to 30% (Source)

Major sources of Protein
There are many sources of protein coming from veg and non-veg food items. The benefits of protein can be taken from the best protein supplements available in India.

  • Non-veg resources – The non-veg sources include eggs, seafood & meat. Chicken is the most loved and easy to prepare low-calorie protein.
  • Veg sources include – soy products, legumes and many more. Legumes like chana dal kidney beans mung and sprouts are a great option for people who don’t have non-veg as their source of protein.

Building Immunity and Antibodies through Protein
The organic sources of protein are sometimes not very efficient in providing the required amount on a daily basis. Along with other important nutrients, proteins have a larger role to play when you need to boost your immunity. The importance of protein can be understood by the fact that our bodily immune mechanism depends heavily on the production of active protein and cell replication. In the times of a pandemic, immunity and antibody formation is heavily required and it can only happen through proteins. It helps our body fight infections. In case of protein deficiency, our immune system starts to falter.

To build protein compounds, it is necessary to take protein from sources that do not hamper bodily functions or make it addictive towards them.

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