With the vicious pandemic threatening the lives of billions of people across the globe, the need to boost the immune system has never been mightier. In order to combat the deadly covid-19 virus, boosting your body’s immunity is of paramount importance. One such product that can aid you in this endeavor is the Threptin lite diskettes.

Protein-packed substances are essential to building the immune system of the body. It is only with the aid of proteins that antibodies are created. It will ultimately act as a shield in the fight against the lethal virus. Indulging in a protein-filled snack such as Threptin lite biscuits can help you a great deal.

Can Threptin Lite diskettes assist in promoting immunity and health during this crisis?

Threptin Lite diskettes are one of the most popular snacks for children and adults alike. For years, they have retained the attention of the consumers with tasty flavors and nutrient-packed products. The diskettes have essential minerals, vitamins, and Casein protein. With such beneficial ingredients, you can take this supplement in between meals.

Why is the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score critical?

The PDCAAS or Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino Acid Score measures the quality of a specific protein. Here, the amino acid needs of the body and the digesting ability are taken into account. The maximum score a product can have on PDCAAS is 1, and Threptin Lite diskettes have that value. When the evaluation of the quality of the protein comes into play, the score of PDCAAS becomes essential.

Role of casein proteins in improving health

It is without a doubt that Protein Helps Boost Your Immunity and improves health. The Casein proteins present in the threptin lite biscuits play a vital role in building up a strong immune system. Check out how!

  • It takes a long time to digest
    Casein has a low absorption rate, and that is why it is nicknamed as the “time-release protein.” It means that casein releases amino acids to the body over a long period of time. This actually helps the body as it can combat muscle breakdown. At times, when you are extremely hungry, the body breaks down its own muscles. However, with the consumption of casein, the cells can synthesize protein with ease.
  • It aids in the burning of fats
    The casein present within the threptin protein biscuits can also help to burn off extra fats. It promotes the overall loss of fat due to the high quantities of calcium. Moreover, it also projects a higher satiety level. It means that you have a fuller stomach and don’t feel the need to constantly munch on other supplements; this could aid in weight loss tremendously.
  • It helps in muscle growth
    There is a reason why bodybuilders, gym lovers, and athletes seem to prefer casein protein as their choice of immunity booster. Due to the high level of leucine in casein, the synthesis of muscle protein occurs. Moreover, it can also improve muscle mass in the long term by combating protein breakdown.
  • It prevents dental problems
    Threptin Lite diskettes contain casein that also promotes dental health. It has specific properties that prevent the harmful impact of enamel damage. Now, you can have healthy teeth!
  • It assists in improving colon health
    Research suggests that casein can improve colon health immensely. That can add to the development of a strong immune system.

Can casein enhance the immune system?

Threptin Lite diskettes have supreme-quality casein. But, the real question remains if casein can help to strengthen the immune system in the midst of such a crisis.

As per a study conducted across India, medical practitioners are of the opinion that casein can actually help in building strong immunity.

The importance of casein proteins against infectious diseases is massive. Casein proteins regulate the innate immune response of the body by acting as immune regulatory and antiviral factors. Through down regulation, the protein decreases harmful health conditions like sepsis, and via up regulation, it aids in the removal of viruses.

Practitioners consider casein supplements to be safe for clinical practices. Thus, consuming them can enhance the overall health of the body.

Other foods that can boost the immune system

Apart from protein biscuits, you can also change your existing diet to boost the immune system. You can include citrus fruits, garlic, broccoli, yogurt, spinach, etc. Moreover, you can also drink green tea to enhance the immunity.

Amidst the horror of the devastating pandemic, it is essential to keep your health a priority. That means ensuring that your immune system is strong. For this, a constant steady intake of proteins, vitamins, and minerals is crucial. It is the only way to build up the immunity that can offer protection against the covid-19. Consuming 3-5 threptin protein biscuits twice or thrice each day can help. Moreover, the delicious taste and availability of high-quality protein make the snack even more appealing.