People often look for consumables that are high in nutritive values, especially biscuits. Most biscuits do not contain any nutritive values but Threptin Diskettes are one in a kind. It is a high protein, high-calorie biscuit with plenty of vitamins. So, it is one biscuit with protein, calories, and vitamins in it. Isn’t it amazing?

Threptin Biscuits, a 100% vegetarian product, has been highly regarded for their nutritive value. It is one snack that can boost your immunity, provide you with enough nutrients and reduce your dependence on munching in your free time. One of the features that make Threptin Biscuits an apt protein supplement, is the availability of Casein protein, an important nutrient for building a healthy body.

In this article, we will look at the different aspects of Threptin biscuits such as their nutritional information, ingredients used, their uses and benefits. These features will help us determine whether its intake would be good for your health. So, let us dive in!

Why eat Threptin Biscuits?

Threptin Biscuits are a great source of protein, calories, and vitamins. It is a snack that can help you keep yourself healthy with all nutritional gains. To understand why you should consider Threptin biscuits as your permanent snacking partner, here are its detailed features:

Threptin Biscuits – Nutritional Values

If you have bought a 100 gm packet of Threptin diskettes, it will contain the following nutrients:

  • Protein – 30g
  • Carbohydrates – 48g
  • Sugar – 23g
  • Sugar – 23g
  • Cholesterol -0g
  • Nicotinamide – 14g
  • Riboflavin – 1.26mg
  • Thiamin hydrochloride – 1.06mg
  • Energy – 438 Kcal

So, here you can see the nutritional values of a 100-gram packet of Threptin Biscuits. All these nutrients help build your immunity system while providing you with enough energy for metabolisms. Now that you have known the ingredients of the Threptin biscuit, let us now understand the benefits that come packed with Threptin diskettes.

Health Benefits of Threptin Diskettes

While checking out the nutritional bifurcation of a Threptin biscuit, you would have seen how it contains different nutrients in proper quantities. There are several health benefits of consuming India’s best protein diskettes. This means that there are several threptin biscuit benefits that one can gain from consumption. Some of its benefits are:

A great source of protein

As mentioned, Threptin biscuits contain a lot of proteins. A 100g packet of Threptin diskettes contains around 30g of proteins. It also contains Casein which is a rare protein that helps build muscle growth and aids recovery post-exercise. It also contributes to weight loss and muscle growth. So, eating these biscuits will cover a lot of protein needs for your body.

Helps bodybuilders

People who aim for higher muscle mass and bodybuilding generally intake a lot of protein on a daily basis. While whey proteins are great for bodybuilders, it does not provide them a healthy snack solution. That is where Threptin biscuits benefit comes in. You can munch on Threptin biscuits for muscle development and strength building.

Healthy snacking option

People generally develop a craving for snacks after eating their meals. Most people go for sweets or sugar intakes post their meals to satiate that hunger. Instead of those, you can munch on Threptin biscuits which are good sources of proteins and Vitamin B complex. While they reduce your munch cravings, they also provide you with a healthy snack option.

Healthy option for diabetic patients

Threptin biscuits contain a great number of antioxidants which are good for diabetic patients. However, Threptin Lite has been manufactured especially for diabetic patients. It keeps in mind the needs of diabetic patients who should not be eating carbohydrates.

It reduces cholesterol

As you would have seen in the nutritional chart of Threptin Biscuits, It contains 0 grams of cholesterol in a 100 g packet. It does so by including a high amount of dietary fibre which can be easily digested by your body. It also prevents constipation.

Threptin Biscuits Dosage

While there are no bounds on how many, you should consume them twice a day. You should eat a total of 6 biscuits a day three at 11 am and the remaining as a 4 pm snack.

Threptin Biscuits Price

Threptin biscuits come in various weight categories. You can buy them in 100g, 300 gm, 500g, and 1 Kg boxes as well. Ideally, a 300g pack of Threptin biscuits costs around Rs. 430. You can buy them directly from Amazon at a good discount also. Apart from here, you can buy them from your local grocery stores and pharmacies.


Threptin biscuits are a great companion if you are focusing on healthy eating. It brings in good habits of snacking on healthy dietary options and reduces dependencies on trans-fat & cholesterol loaded food products.