In today’s era, maintaining the health and enhancing the immunity system is the need of the hour. With the lethal pandemic wreaking havoc across the globe, consuming a healthy balanced diet is of paramount importance.

Protein is one of the most essential components that aid in improving the overall health of the body. There are numerous ways that proteins can help the body. For instance, it can help in regaining muscles, reducing fats, and building up the immune system. Moreover, it also helps in the repair of the body tissues and cells.

One of the most sought-after snacks is the threptin protein diskettes. These are nutrient-rich supplements that can offer energy, build strength and get rid of food cravings. The ingenious scientific formula of these protein biscuits has enhanced their appeal to Indian consumers.

Composition of the Threptin diskettes

The composition of the threptin protein diskettes include –

  1. Sucrose
  2. Casein
  3. Vegetable Oil
  4. Bengal gram
  5. Rice Flour
  6. Nicotinamide
  7. Riboflavin
  8. Malt extract
  9. Antioxidants

Health benefits of ingesting the best protein diskettes in India

There is a reason why Threptin is considered the best protein diskettes in India. These biscuits offer a wide range of health benefits to the body. Check out the ones listed here to know more.

  • Provides a wide array of nutrients
    These protein biscuits are packed with different types of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Moreover, you will also find insoluble and soluble fiber, Vitamin Bs, antioxidants, and many other beneficial nutrients. It also takes into consideration the restrictions of diabetic, heart, and digestive ailment suffering patients.
  • Source of high quality protein
    These immunity boosters contain casein. It is well-known as a high-quality protein. Moreover, it also takes time to digest and thus has a very low absorption rate. It means that consuming these protein diskettes will help combat muscle breakdown. Now, the cell can synthesize protein from these amino acids.
  • Protects the lean muscle mass
    With these biscuits, you don’t have to worry about losing muscle mass along with the fats. Due to the high quantity of calcium in casein, the burning of the fats occurs. Moreover, the leucine content aids in the synthesis of muscle protein. Thus, in turn, assists in increasing the muscle mass.
  • Improves glycemic control
    Glycemic control is correlated with diabetic complications. People suffering from diabetes need to have improved glycemic control. These immunity boosters aid you in attaining that control while also reducing abdominal fat. Moreover, you can also opt for regular exercise and testing the blood sugar at periodic intervals.
  • Fills the stomach
    Protein biscuits
    increase the satiety level of the body immensely. As such, you will not get those hunger pangs or cravings. Naturally, it will lead to the decline of constant eating and the risk of obesity. Indirectly, consuming these biscuits can help you maintain weight.
  • Builds the immune system
    While antioxidants present in the protein diskettes help in combating harmful free radicals, casein helps too. As per a study conducted, medical practitioners came to the conclusion that casein also has antiviral factors that assist in preventing infections.  It can help in strengthening the immune system, thereby reducing the risk of infections happening again.
  • Improves digestive health
    The presence of both soluble and insoluble fiber in the best protein diskettes assists in maintaining digestive health. However, it is the insoluble fiber that absorbs more water for the stool, making it easy to pass through the bowels. Maintaining a proper bowel movement can help in improving digestive health.
  • Supports cardiovascular health
    The lack of cholesterol is particularly beneficial for individuals suffering from heart issues. They can consume this biscuit without any fear. Moreover, the diskettes do not have trans fat and gluten. Rather, it aids in maintaining the health of the heart.
  • Safe for diabetic patients
    A part from glycemic control, these protein biscuits also have artificial sweeteners. It is safe for people having diabetes.

When to consume Threptin protein diskettes?

Both adults and individuals can consume Threptin protein diskettes. You can consume it in between meals. These serve as delicious snacks and can be ingested 2-3 times each day. Moreover, you can have 3-5 biscuits each time. These are also suitable for diabetic or heart patients. However, it is recommended that you take the consultation of a medical professional if you have certain allergies.

There are different types of proteins that one can consume. Apart from these protein diskettes, one can include nuts, cottage cheese, egg whites, etc., into the existing diet to get the necessary protein requirement.

In such critical times, it is vital to enhance the immune system and make sure that the body stays fit. While there are different types of biscuits available, consuming protein biscuits offer additional benefits. Moreover, these are infused with rich flavors and make your stomach full. So, now you can combat the carvings and let Protein Help Boost Your Immunity!