Protein diets are said to reduce the risk of high blood pressure. This is what a study from the Boston University School of Medicine published in the American Journal of Hypertension suggests.

Obesity is a risk factor for high blood pressure, which itself increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and especially stroke. It might be interesting to find dietary strategies that reduce its risk.

In recent times we have seen an upward trend of hypertension in adolescent kids. This trend can solely be attributed to increasing number of obese kids. There is a strong positive correlation between high blood pressure & body mass index according to recent studies. The correlation is the strongest when it comes to the obese adolescent children.

In this sorry state of affairs, some factors remain modifiable while others are absolutely non-modifiable. Treatment of obesity-related hypertension focuses on two things: lifestyle changes and the consumption pattern. Weight reduction, however, remains the primary focus.

More recently, alternative treatments or natural remedies are targeting high blood pressure more specifically. This treatment has more benefits when compared to aggressive pharmacological-treatments. There might be limitations if the weight-reduction remains seemingly impossible. Nevertheless, with proper care we can partially mitigate the risk of cardiovascular diseases in adolescent children. The focus of this blog would be on how casein protein can mitigate hypertension in adolescent children. Let’s explore!

What researchers say!
Blood pressure & arterial stiffness may be improved considerably by milk consumption. This is due to the presence of casein protein in milk. However, more research is to be conducted as to how the consumption of dairy can target central aortic blood pressure and inflammation in obese adolescents. A survey was done wherein skimmed milk or whey casein was fed to adolescents for around 12 weeks. The amount of casein protein was around 35 grams per liter. The outcomes were positive because of the intervention of casein protein. Brachial & central aortic blood pressure reduced considerably over the given period of time. But, there was hardly any change in arterial stiffness. This has been a primary concern with the scientists.

The crux: casein is highly beneficial for overweight adolescents dealing with brachial & central aortic blood pressure.

Some more insights
Overweight children deal with higher blood pressure when compared to their normal-weight counterparts. In the past decade this has been a primary concern in both developed and developing countries. The high Body Mass Index indicated a rise in systolic & diastolic blood pressures. The bright side is dairy remains an important source of protein. Increased dairy consumption reduced the risk of cardiovascular diseases in obese adolescents. The intervention of casein has now started to show improvements even in arterial stiffness. This news comes as a relief to many who are ailing with hypertensive disorders for the past many years. Inhibitory peptides present in amino acids do the actual miracle.

Long-term intake of milk will benefit overweight adolescents in the long run. The consumption of whey protein can even show improvements in hepatic cholesterol-synthesis.

What do we infer?
Present studies do tell us that high intake of casein for over 12 weeks will reduce diastolic BP significantly in overweight adolescents. But, we cannot overlook the lifestyle changes that need to be done. The intervention of casein indicates brighter days ahead. But attempts to reduce weight are a must. Milk consumption will also bring relief to inflammation that hypertensive kids do suffer.

Central aortic blood pressure has a strong correlation with vascular diseases. The intervention of whey casein has been miraculous in this case. Scientists are doing further research as to how casein can bring relief to arterial stiffness.

To conclude:
Some sources of animal protein are also sources of saturated fat. Care should therefore be taken to choose foods that combine a good content of protein and good quality fatty acids. Care should be taken to consume the right proteins for best effects. Threptin Diskettes are an ideal addition to your daily diet and are recommended for adolescents too.