You may have observed that some people fall sick all the time while some people hardly ever catch a common cold. Have you paused to wonder what may be the reasons for this? Immunity. Yes, your immune system plays a great role when it comes to maintaining good health. But how can you boost your immunity? It is common knowledge that a balanced diet helps increase your immunity, but what does a balanced diet contain? A balanced diet should contain all essential nutrients in the right amount, including protein.

Protein is important for boosting your immunity
While all nutrients are mandatory when it comes to boosting your immunity, certain vital nutrients play a more crucial role in protecting your immune system. Among these are proteins which play an important role in boosting your immunity. But why is protein known as an immunity booster?

It is a very straightforward answer; antibodies like immunoglobulins that help us fight and ward off various diseases, are made from proteins. Cells present in our immune system are mostly made of protein, hence they always bank on new protein synthesis to function effectively and to multiply. This effectively means that a low protein diet will result in a low immune system.

How do you get the right amount of protein
The first question you would want answered is – how much protein are you supposed to consume everyday? While for growing children, the intake of protein is more important and women need 13 gms more protein than men. However, as per the RDA guidelines set forth by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) for Indians to meet nutritional requirements, 0.8 gms to 1 gm protein per kg of body weight is mandatory (source).

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it is even more important to eat the right kinds of food in order to maintain a healthy diet and a robust immune system. You can ensure that your kitchen is stocked with the right amounts of nutritious food for everyone in your family. But what happens if you are unable to meet your daily needs of protein or if it is not possible for you to stuff yourself everyday with many protein rich foods?

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