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Threptin – High Protein Supplements

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Threptin Thalipith

Threptin Thalipith

Step 1

Grind the delicious Threptin biscuits and make a powder. I have taken one diskette. Keep the biscuit powder in one big plate. Add one spoon of rice flour, one spoon of millet flour, 1chopped onion, coriander, grated cabbage and carrot, ginger garlic paste, dahi ( yogurt), asafoetida, turmeric powder, chilli powder, dhana jeera powder, salt, any home made masala, garam masala, sesame seeds.

Step 2

Mix this together by adding water and make a thick dough. Keep for 5 minutes.

Take a plastic bag on a plate or on a kitchen platform and spray oil on it. Make a ball of dough and keep it on that plastic bag, press and make a round shape by fingers pressing on it like we do it while making bhakri. Apply water on hand while making.

Step 3

Keep Tawa on gas. Apply oil on it and put this Thalipith on tava. Make holes in thalipith to cook it fast and proper. Spray little oil and keep a lid on it.

Cook it on a small flame. Open the lid after one minute approximately. You will enjoy the fragrance of thalipth. Threptin healthy Thalipith is ready 😊

Serve it with ketchup or indian butter & with Love.